What Websites Do You Visit The Most?

Here are the websites I visit most (listed in order of most visited):

  1. Twitter (Interacting with real people online is nearly addictive)
  2. Facebook (ditto)
  3. My Netvibes portal (Just a portal page of my fav sites… see ‘em all at once. It’s where I turned after google reader was killed.)
  4. Seth Godin’s Blog (Which I claim is the greatest site on the internet)
  5. DaringFireball (Understated, elegant, disciplined… very Apple-like)
  6. This Isn’t Happiness (The best curated site I’ve found)
  7. Brain Pickings (The second best site on the internet??)
  8. Jalopnik (I love cars. A lot.)
  9. James Altucher’s Blog (Need your life changed?)
  10. The Verge (Tech news and opinion)
  11. Devour (Curated youtube videos)
  12. Uncrate / HiConsumption (Interchangeable, veg-out sites)
  13. NY Times (My favorite newspaper in the world)
  14. Ask Altucher (James Altucher’s Podcast)
  15. Cage Potato (I still like MMA)

Sites I used to frequent but no longer visit:

The Chive (Used to visit several times per day. Haven’t been in half a year.)

seth godin. best selling author. go. make something happen.


I made this list at the beginning of the year. It has changed slightly since then.

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  1. Synapses. Twitter. Facebook. News. Brainpickings. Seth Godin. KCM.org. And I look forward to checking out more on your list

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