How To Make Love Last In the Age of Instant Gratification

If you have an intimate, emotional relationship—or want one someday—you must, must, must watch this video.

Check out the final lines:

“Nothing grows people like love. When we are loved, we blossom. The message of evolution is not survival of the fittest; it is the survival of the most nurtured. Love is the gift that keeps on giving, even in loss.

We are ‘homo vinculum’, the ‘One Who Bonds’. Love is powerful magic. But now, you can be the magician. That changes everything.”

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  1. Powerful. Cuts right to the heart of the matter… whew. So true.

    You are loved. I’ve got your back and years of memories of holding my children tight.

    Remember, the greatest thing in life is just being with you… hope to see you soon

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