What does it cost to own a Tesla Model S?

I ran the numbers. (Always run the numbers! Shout out to Dan Dobson.)

Guess what? Inexpensive cars that get good gas mileage are cheaper to own.

Vehicle costs

I was really hoping the numbers would show that the Tesla is comparable to other vehicles in monthly cost. Sadly, the numbers show the opposite. For now. As battery technology improves and gets cheaper, and as the Tesla price comes down, the Tesla will be the only sensible option.

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Depressed? Know someone who is?

… this video seems useful.

If you know someone who is depressed, talk to them. If you are depressed, talk to someone. I’m available. So are others.

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Alien Imposters

Guess who’s back? (Key & Peele, duh!)

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Videos Worth Watching

Via: Devour… of course

A master doing his art.


All of their videos are good.


Just beautiful video


This is the front lines


“Words by Bukowski”. That is enough


How to live

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Why I Like “Frozen”

I wrote the following as a reply to a friend’s Facebook post.
(By the way, if you don’t yet follow @timakimoff on Twitter, you should.)


I love “Frozen”!

I love it for what it is: a female coming-of-age story, or a female bildungsroman.

I love it because it is a great story of sisterhood.

I love it because it passes the “Bechdel Test“.

There are precious few of any of those kinds of films. Much less films that are all of them.

I love it because it is not just another princess movie.

I chalk a lot of the criticism of it up to knee-jerk reactions to the movie’s popularity.

However… without Olaf, the movie would be pretty flat.

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