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The important point and question from this video is: How do you MAKE a life like this for yourself?

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Why the BMW i8 is a horrible piece of crap

First: The disclaimer

BMW is my favorite car maker. They care more than other car makers. (For example: the 50/50 weight distribution on every model, the Best Engine awards… year after year, the M series, the longevity of their model lines, etc)

The BMW i8

The BMW i8 Is Wonderful Because It Feels Like The Future

  • Seats two
  • Is hard to get in and out of
  • Has a rather busy interior–there are a lot of handles, buttons, knobs, screens (see Points 3 & 4 below)
  • Has engine noise piped into the cabin through the speakers. It really does.
  • Has a range of ~300 miles
  • Is not for sale
  • Will be priced at $135,000
  • Goes 0-60mph in 3.8

Let’s start with my conclusion:

If your vision of the future—a car that is so advanced that you can’t even manufacture it yet—is LESS impressive than a car that someone else has been selling for TWO YEARS (or seven years, if you count the Roadster), then your car is not only NOT futuristic, it is a fraud.

The other car I’m talking about is the Tesla Model S, of course. Here it is:

  • Seats 5 comfortably… with tons of luggage space
  • Extremely adjustable: ride, steering, performance, braking, height, efficiency, etc.
  • Extremely high-tech, yet elegant, interior and controls
  • Quiet
  • Range is 250 miles
  • Has been for sale for over two years
  • Price: $68,000-88,000
  • 0-60 in 3.9 (Performance model)

Then let’s get to my points:




Crazy lights do NOT make a car “all new”! Car makers, stop doing this. It is embarrassing. I’ve written about this before. Read “Most Cars are Ugly”. Excerpt:

First, some design principles:

  1. There are design principles. They exist. We have identified them. Long ago. They work. Practicing them makes art. Violating them makes garbage that will (and should!) be quickly thrown away.
  2. It is the details that make the design. “Good car design” = “refinement of details”. Are the headlights perfect? Good. What about the grill? And every, single other detail?
  3. The goal of design is greater simplicity. Audi does a good job with this. On the exterior. No auto maker does a good job inside. Car dashboards are hideously offensive and unintuitive. Gimmicky for the sake of being gimmicky. Colors and shapes and lights and buttons. It makes me weep.
  4. The vast majority of cars have horrifying lines. Pick any line (top of grill, pointless line through middle of grill, top of the taillight, the edge of any window, etc) on a car and trace it out. It will not be in harmony with the other lines around it.
  5. LED lights, keyless ignition, built-in TVs do NOT make a car “All new!”.
  6. If a car is aping (copying) another car, the original car will be better designed.
  7. Audi and Aston Martin are making the best designed cars right now.


The goal of design is simplicity. If your product design is complex, then your product has not been designed. It has been marketed… as a gimmick.

I’ve written about this before… so I’ll just copy & paste the entire article here:


All car makers (even ones with some taste) shoot for this with their dashboards:

…when this is better:

Even motorcycles have gone the way of tasteless, gimmicky dashboards:

…when they used to be elegant:

Conclusion (see beginning of article).

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Do you have $20 million to spend on a car?

This one looks like a good buy at that price (it should only go up in value).

1966 Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale (get all the details)

4,950 original miles

I’m surprised it is going on auction. I would have guessed it would sell via private party.

There are not a lot of people who can invest this kind of money in one car.

Would Jay Leno even? His entire collection is certainly worth more, but how much is his most expensive vehicle worth?

Ralph Lauren maybe?

1966 Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale

Via: Uncrate

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What Websites Do You Visit The Most?

Here are the websites I visit most (listed in order of most visited):

  1. Twitter (Interacting with real people online is nearly addictive)
  2. Facebook (ditto)
  3. My Netvibes portal (Just a portal page of my fav sites… see ‘em all at once. It’s where I turned after google reader was killed.)
  4. Seth Godin’s Blog (Which I claim is the greatest site on the internet)
  5. DaringFireball (Understated, elegant, disciplined… very Apple-like)
  6. This Isn’t Happiness (The best curated site I’ve found)
  7. Brain Pickings (The second best site on the internet??)
  8. Jalopnik (I love cars. A lot.)
  9. James Altucher’s Blog (Need your life changed?)
  10. The Verge (Tech news and opinion)
  11. Devour (Curated youtube videos)
  12. Uncrate / HiConsumption (Interchangeable, veg-out sites)
  13. NY Times (My favorite newspaper in the world)
  14. Ask Altucher (James Altucher’s Podcast)
  15. Cage Potato (I still like MMA)

Sites I used to frequent but no longer visit:

The Chive (Used to visit several times per day. Haven’t been in half a year.)

seth godin. best selling author. go. make something happen.


I made this list at the beginning of the year. It has changed slightly since then.

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How To Make Love Last In the Age of Instant Gratification

If you have an intimate, emotional relationship—or want one someday—you must, must, must watch this video.

Check out the final lines:

“Nothing grows people like love. When we are loved, we blossom. the message of evolution is not survival of the fittest. it is the survival of the most nurtured. Love is the gift that keeps on giving, even in loss.

We are ‘homo vinculum’, the ‘One Who Bonds’. Love is powerful magic. But now, you can be the magician. That changes everything.”

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